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  • 23rd May 2023

A Growing Business with Disjointed Processes

A growing business with disjointed processes - A Growing Business with Disjointed Processes

A Growing Business with Disjointed Processes

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A Growing Business with Disjointed Processes

Over the years your organisation has put in place bulletproof business processes that assist in the smooth running of day-to-day operations.

Steadily, as time goes by the company has grown, you have employed more staff, increased the number of departments and the number of software applications and business processes have multiplied.

Suddenly you are seeing:

  • A lack of communication between departments and business partners.
  • Time delays between processes.
  • Repetitive bi-directional data entry.
  • Increased running costs with no sign of improved ROI.
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Sounds messy doesn’t it?

For many, today’s business environment requires systems and applications that integrate and ‘talk’ with each other to eradicate process bottlenecks, remove repetitive data entry and improve the visibility of critical data.

However, this can be a costly and time-consuming approach to take which is why businesses are looking towards integration and business process automation software such as SAP Certified, BPA Platform.

SAP Business One integration with BPA Platform can reduce development costs and time frames through its SAP Certified code-free integration tools enabling businesses of any size to seamlessly link finance and accounting, sales and marketing, customer services, HR, Inventory and purchasing functions together with their associated operational processes.

  • Reduce integration time frames and development costs.
  • Eradicate process bottlenecks.
  • Improve visibility of critical data.
  • Remove repetitive data entry.
  • Reduce operational costs and increase ROI.

Tailoring an integration or automated process when using BPA Platform can be achieved by anyone with a basic understanding of your database structures by using an easy-to-use interface providing a code-free environment for practically any number of integrations and automated processes.

This ties up any loose ends within your organisation to ensure that the business runs more effectively with data seamlessly synchronised between systems and automatically distributed to whoever needs it at the most relevant time, set to the business rules you define.

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codeless BPA - A Growing Business with Disjointed Processes
KFA Connect are Codeless Platforms Partners – authorised to sell BPA Platform and have in-depth knowledge of developing integration and Process automation using the solution.

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