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IBM i / AS400 / iSeries – Migration to Cloud

IBM launched its AS/400 software back in 1988.  Fast forward over three decades and many businesses are still very much invested in developing and maintaining their IBM i.

If you’re looking to unlock the full potential of IBM i in the cloud, KFA can help.

IBM i technology is still favoured by many different industries around the globe.

The fact that since its launch – in 1988, there have been many features and updates introduced has certainly helped to keep their users invested in the operating system. The most recent version, IBM i 7.5 was released in June 2022.

Its power, speed, reliability and security capabilities as well as the fact that (with a skilled development team) software that is run on it is also highly customisable. IBM has proved that its operating system is here to stay. 

Whether you would prefer an on-premise IBM i upgrade, or a new cloud-hosted IBM i Power System – our team are experienced with implementing both options and so are well-placed to assist with your decision-making process. 

Benefits of IBM i in the Cloud

Embracing IBM i in the cloud minimises issues related to hardware and software compatibility.

Naturally, the older the system, the higher the likelihood of outages and failures. Operating systems that are no longer supported by IBM are not SOX compliant.


Businesses can scale services to fit their needs, customise applications to their requirements, and access cloud services from any location with internet connectivity.


Enterprise users can swiftly bring applications to market without concerns about underlying infrastructure costs or maintenance.


Networked backups prevent data loss in the event of hardware failures.

Strategic Value

Cloud services give businesses a competitive advantage by providing cutting-edge technology solutions.

Looking to Move to IBM i in the Cloud?

At KFA Connect, we manage upgrades comprehensively, ensuring a seamless transition with minimal disruption to our customers and their clients alike.

The benefits of IBM i in the cloud will become immediately apparent, with significantly faster performance and removing concerns regarding power and cooling expenses, contributing to a more environmentally friendly solution.

If your internal development team is overwhelmed with the daily operations of your business and unable to handle the transition to a cloud-hosted IBM i Power System, we can help. The KFA team will manage the transition and data migration for you, ensuring a seamless switch to the cloud at a time that minimally impacts your business operations and, most importantly, your customers.

We also provide expertise in application development, application modernisation, and ongoing support, offering an alternative to the challenges of sourcing qualified AS400 staff.


Take a look at some recent case studies here:

Application Modernisation

Looking to modernise your most critical applications or build new innovative solutions?

Our Application Modernisation white paper highlights how out-of-date applications can be inflexible, difficult to change and costly to maintain – but critical to your business.

Find out how we can provide a modern user interface for your business applications to help maintain staff satisfaction and productivity today!

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