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IBM i (AS/400) Services

To date, our design, development, test, and application support teams have a staggering 250+ years of experience on the IBM i (AS/400) system.

You can be confident that as an “IBM” Registered Business Partner, the KFA Connect team has the skills to develop, integrate, upgrade, modernise, test, and support your IBM i applications.

Our team has a broad range of IBM i experience, we have senior developers who started their careers working on the S36 and trainee developers who started on the latest IBM i, giving KFA the ability to be able to support systems written 25+ years ago and to develop new systems using the very latest programming methods.

Many of our customers still refer to it as AS400, iSeries, IBM System i as well as IBM i, so we do the same throughout our website to ensure that others can easily find us online.

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Over 35 Years of Reliable Service…

Your investment in RPG applications developed on the AS/400 has no doubt run your business reliably for many years. However, we know that you will recognise the need for change – and have a desire to remain one step ahead of your competitors.

If you don’t have the in-house expertise in every technology related to modern IBM i development; our team has the resources to help you maximise your business logic and data – regardless of its age, and in your preferred IBM i language.

IBM i Services at a Glance

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IBM i Application Modernisation

Maximise the benefits of the cloud, speed, performance, scale and development of new features as well as exploring web-enabling IBM i applications with KFA.

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IBM i Consulting

Our consulting team offers an impartial external assessment to help you enhance and maximise the capability of the IBM i system and unlock its full potential.

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IBM i Design

We are proficient in establishing and agreeing project scope and providing High and Low-Level design documentation to define and agree your requirements in detail.

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IBM i Development

Our UK-based team are experts in IBM i development by providing creative solutions to even the most complex set of requirements and extending ERP systems to meet today’s business needs.

Ecommerce 160 1 - IBM i (AS/400) Services

IBM i eCommerce Integration

Whether you sell B2C or B2B our team has experience of IBM i eCommerce integration that will you place you ahead of your competition.

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IBM i Integration

We have many years of experience integrating disparate systems with the IBM i, including countless solutions, platforms, and operating systems.

We are also experts in Business Process Automation.

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IBM i Upgrades & Replacements

Looking to carry out an IBM i upgrade and need help deciding between on-premise or in the cloud?

Or, are you planning to decommission your IBM i, re-platform and need help with data migration and support of your applications?

in the cloud 160 - IBM i (AS/400) Services

IBM i in the Cloud

Whether you would prefer an on-premise IBM i upgrade, or IBM i in the cloud – our team are experienced with implementing both options and so are well-placed to assist with your decision-making process.

Testing 160 1 - IBM i (AS/400) Services

IBM i Testing

KFA Connect has a dedicated system test team to ensure all internally developed IBM i (AS400) solutions are fit for delivery to our customers.

Support 160 - IBM i (AS/400) Services

IBM i Support

Need 24/7 IBM i system support, or simply someone to help out on-demand? We’ll tailor the support package to your requirements and will confidently take on the support of your AS/400 applications within a surprisingly short time frame.

Industries that rely on the IBM i

Industries that rely on the IBM i (AS400) to manage their business-critical processes include:

  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare & pharmaceutical
  • Financial
  • Insurance
  • Wholesale distribution
  • Entertainment – such as casinos and sporting venues
  • Automotive
  • Food & Beverages
  • Retail, including apparel & fashion companies
  • Transportation & logistics

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