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Our Mission & Values

We live in a changing world and work in a dynamic industry. For us change is the only constant, it means that to thrive and grow as a business we must always be looking forward to shape our future.

As a company and as individuals we follow a set of values that give us a common purpose as we work closely with our clients to fulfil their requirements.

Our Mission

  • To give companies the power to delight their customers with fast, efficient processing of their orders.
  • To provide bespoke, fast to market, agile order management solutions that integrate seamlessly with existing in-house processes and licensed vendor software to reduce risk and cost.
  • To provide impartial, expert know-how that’s delivered through long term, mutually beneficial relationships with our clients.

Our Values

Our values describe the behaviours we adopt in the delivery of our mission.


Challenge the norm, make systems better


Combine collective talent and imagination


Use freedom of thought to find the best way


Be real, be honest, earn respect


I need to make this happen


Everything we do, we do well

Living the Values

Our values serve as a benchmark for our actions and how we conduct ourselves.

Throughout KFA Connect we aim to inspire Innovation, Collaboration and Accountability and at all times act with Independence and Integrity to bring Excellence to everything we do.

We are totally committed to our clients. By recognising that they always come first, we work tirelessly to stay alert and alive to their needs.

We have a passion and a pride for our work. Going the extra mile to produce a quality result is what drives us, and we are proud to add value by delivering exactly what is required.

We respond to our clients changing needs as well as those of the marketplace. We listen, discuss and challenge established practice to find better ways of doing things.

We are open and honest in everything we do. Our aim is to be seen as an organisation with integrity, respected by both our clients and vendor partners.

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