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IBM i Decommissioning

There may come a time when you or your business owners decide to move your business processes from the IBM i to another platform and application.

These decisions are not taken lightly, but once made, the move off of IBM i needs careful planning and execution by teams with the right knowledge and skills.  

It may be that a decision has been made to move away from IBM i, but the application to move to has not yet been chosen. You may need assistance choosing the best application to replace the functionality of your existing application.  

Maybe the new application has been chosen by head office and you need to try and configure the new application to give you as much functionality as your outgoing application.  

IBM i Decommissioning

In both scenarios above, understanding your existing application, the data and the functionality is crucial to either making the right application replacement decision or ensuring the newly chosen application can work as closely to your existing working practices as possible.  

 Access to the right tools and skills will enable you to understand and document your existing application quickly and accurately. Armed with this information, you will be much better placed for any decision on a replacement application. Understanding the data within your existing applications will also help with the decommissioning of your migrated application.  

 A move away from IBM i may involve the introduction, or use of multiple existing applications in an attempt to replicate all or as much of your existing functionality as possible. It may be that the majority of your current functionality can be reproduced on other systems but some needs to remain on the IBM i until it is developed elsewhere.  


IBM i Decommissioning Services

System Analysis

Understanding existing application, data and functionality.

Data Mapping

Map existing data to your new system.

Data Access

Create new database to hold existing data to comply with GDPR & Accounting regulations.

System Documentation

Documenting existing application, data and functionality.


Provide easy access to existing data with a reporting suites.


Supporting your existing application(s) to allow you in-house team to focus on the move to the new system.

Power Down & Hardware Removal

We can help with the final power down and removal of hardware (utilising KFA partner services).

How Can We Help You?

The KFA Connect team are uniquely placed to support you in your move to any new application(s) and to help with either data mapping to those application(s) or the creation of a new database using your existing data and the creation of reporting suites.  

We can also provide support for your existing IBM i application whilst your project team move to your new application(s) or provide support to keep the lights on if some of your existing functionality remains on your IBM i. 

Once you have moved your application(s) and data to your new platform, together with our support partners we can assist with the final power down of your IBM i and the removal of any hardware.  

Get in touch with our team to learn more about how we can help you prepare for IBM i decommissioning.


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