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To be successful, companies need to be constantly innovating and looking for better, faster ways to do business, add value and reduce costs.

They need to ensure that system users will happily adopt the new processes and embrace new ways of doing things.

At KFA Connect, we’ve been helping our customers find answers to these requirements for over 35 years.

Whether you’re seeking to develop a new logistics process or start selling online, or maybe you’re looking for help with systems integration.

We’ll provide a bespoke solution precisely tailored to your needs. We will develop it quicker and at a lower cost than you expect.

We’ve also developed Order & Out – a complete range of solutions including Order Processing, a warehouse barcode scanning application to streamline your warehouse pick & pack operations and seamless courier integration.

We are vendor-independent with no hidden agenda to promote a particular software set or operating environment, our focus is solely on your commercial success. By taking the time to understand your business and your marketplace we help your business run better.

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