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Our Partners

By establishing partnerships with complementary organisations, KFA Connect can leverage collaborative advantages that enable our team to deliver more comprehensive and integrated services to our customers.

KFA Connect’s decision to partner with other companies stems from a strategic vision to broaden and elevate our offering within the dynamic landscape of technology solutions.

Collaborating with other companies allows us to tap into specialised expertise, access innovative technologies, and leverage additional resources that might not be readily available within our team.

This approach not only enhances the depth and breadth of KFA Connect’s solutions but also strengthens our competitive position in the market by providing customers with a one-stop shop for their diverse technology needs.

These partnerships foster a culture of collaboration and knowledge sharing, fostering continuous learning and growth within KFA Connect’s team and as a result, we can quickly adapt to new trends, expand into emerging markets, and address niche requirements that might arise.

Our Partners

We have a great working relationship with all of our partners, built on mutual respect and a history of collaboration.

We are pleased to be partnered with the following companies and authorised to re-sell their services and/or products.

fresche solutions logo 1 300x158 - Our Partners

Our partnership with Fresche Solutions gives us access to leading-edge IBM i tools for the purposes of system documentation, application development and modernisation.

Skytap logo 1 300x69 - Our Partners

KFA are partnered with Skytap, making it easy to get business-critical IBM i applications out of the data centre and into the cloud.

codeless BPA 300x105 - Our Partners

Our partnership with Codeless Platforms gives us the ability to streamline business processes and integrate disparate systems for our customers using BPA Platform (Business Process Automation tool).

Procurri logo 1 - Our Partners

We are partnered with Procurri – specialising in the procurement, maintenance, and disposal of enterprise hardware and a range of services including IT asset disposition, maintenance support, hardware resale, and data erasure.

falconstor logo color 300x22 - Our Partners

Through our partnership with FalconStor we can purchase and install Falconstor VTL software to optimise your system back-ups and restores.

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By aligning with KFA Connect, our partners can utilise our team’s industry expertise and reputation for innovation and reliability, enhancing their own credibility and competitiveness in the marketplace.

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