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Fresche Solutions Partnership

KFA’s partnership with Fresche Solutions provides us with access to a suite of leading-edge IBM i tools for system documentation, application development and modernisation.

Thanks to our collaboration with Fresche Solutions, we have access to a plethora of analysis and productivity tools created specifically for the IBM i platform.

The X-Analysis Suite of tools encompasses all the essential functions to efficiently manage your IBM i application lifecycle, comprehensive insights into your data model, and modernise your code and databases.

Allow our team to help your business unlock the full potential of your RPG, COBOL, and CA 2E Synon applications and experience IBM i innovation designed to propel your growth and enhance competitive advantage for the future.

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Why KFA Connect Partner with Fresche Solutions

Fresche Solutions have been writing tools specifically for the IBM i for decades.

These tools have been used across multiple industries for many years and have a proven track record of adding real value to customers running their applications on legacy systems.  

Modernising IT to align with business requirements can be costly and fraught with risk. X-Analysis, from Fresche Solutions, preserves detailed IBM i data, assesses risks, and enhances development quality, empowering you to reach your business objectives effectively.

Fresche and KFA Connect are perfectly aligned with our expertise entrenched in the IBM i and our understanding of the importance of these systems to the companies running them. 

KFA Connect’s background of writing and supporting applications on the IBM i combined with Fresche Solutions’ tools is a winning combination for quality, streamlined development of your IBM i systems. 

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X-Analysis Suite

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KFA Connect focuses on Fresche Solutions’ X-Analysis modules – a comprehensive suite that provides everything you need to understand, manage and improve your IBM i applications. It allows you to be more productive, make informed business decisions and automate your modernisation process.

The suite provides detailed analysis and interactive diagrams that enable an in-depth understanding of RPG, COBOL, and CA 2E (Synon) applications and data. It is used to document, analyse and describe systems in a simple manner that can then be shared throughout the organisation, even with members who are not technical.

IT professionals can use the suite to extract business rules, audit code quality, perform impact analysis, modernise applications and databases, resize fields, and more.

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X-Analysis Advisor analyses code quality, extracts business rules and helps document your entire system: code rules, data model, application and data flows, call structures and more.

Once loaded onto your IBM i system, X-Analysis will be run to analyse your entire application. When the analysis process has run, every detail of your application will be logged in the X-Analysis database and available for interrogation.  

Using the X-Analysis user interface you can drill down into your application to see what programs are used, what programs call what, where data is used, how data is passed around the system and much more. 

X-Analysis can be purchased as a perpetual licence or on subscription annually. 

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Take an even closer look by downloading the X-Analysis Advisor datasheet here

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The X-Resize tool has been designed and developed for the age-old issue with many IBM i applications where field size constraints can cause issues with day-to-day system processing.  

X-Resize automatically resizes database fields and all fields in affected RPG programs. X-Resize also provides highly detailed, customisable reports that analyse and document the impact of any resizing effort on IBM i. X-Resize greatly reduces the cost, effort and risk involved in re-sizing projects.

Many legacy IBM i applications were written in the 80s and 90s when ordering volumes were low and product codes only contained 10 or fewer characters. With the introduction of eCommerce, expansion of global trading and the production of millions of products, the constraints of these legacy systems can create issues with order number rollovers and issues storing product identifiers.* 

*These are just 2 examples

The thought of changing your legacy code to extend data fields used throughout the system is daunting, to say the least.  

The process begins with X-Resize to identify where the fields you need to change are used throughout the system. This identifies where the data is held, and where it is displayed, reported and extracted to, you can even see where that data is moved to other database files with visibility on where those files are used. 

Once you have all this data, X-Resize will make the code changes for you where possible and produce a report of all programs that could not be changed so they can be developed manually.

X-Resize can automatically change up to 70% of the code it identifies, leaving your development team with the smaller task of changing the other 30%.  

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So, Where Should You Start?

If you are reading this page because you want to do one or all of the following:

Document your IBM i Application

Embark on a new development project

Modernise your existing Application

Contact KFA and we will arrange a demonstration to show you the power of the X-Analysis suite.

Once you have seen how the tools will help you, KFA will help you decide which licence is best for you. Within a very short period of time, you will have your system documented and you are on your journey to more efficient development and automated modernisation.

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