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IBM i Application Modernisation

Looking to update your existing IBM i (AS400)?

Let KFA help you take advantage of greater speed and flexibility.


It’s inevitable that systems move on and progress at a different pace.

While the IBM i is well-known for its reliability, security, and speed many businesses may struggle to keep up with modern practices.

Our team will work with you to ensure your IBM i can keep up in today’s modern world by maximising the benefits of the cloud, speed, performance, scale, and development of new features.

Application Modernisation

A few examples of how we have helped our customers with IBM i Application Modernisation

PGP Encryption at source (encrypted on IBM i)

Migrating FTP transfers to SFTP

Update the green-screen with a browser-based approach

Printing to PDF from IBM i for email distribution

Utilise supplier's API's removing the need for custom in-house code

Case Studies

Read here how we recently helped two of our customers upgrade their IBM i.

Application Modernisation

Our application modernisation white paper highlights how out-of-date applications can be inflexible, difficult to change, and costly to maintain – but critical to your business.

Find out how we can provide a modern user interface for your business applications to help maintain staff satisfaction and productivity today!

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