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Skytap Partnership

KFA Connect, in partnership with Skytap, enables the migration of business-critical IBM i applications from on-premises data centres to the cloud, facilitating enhanced accessibility and flexibility.

Skytap now offers IBM i cloud hosting with Azure. This is a true revelation for businesses who have been working on IBM i for many years with a system humming away in the corner of the office or located in a data centre.

Gone are the days of sizing up machines, finding an IBM distributor, waiting for quotes from IBM and committing to a large capital expenditure or leasing agreement. 

Now it’s possible to log in to the Skytap portal using your Azure login and have an IBM i system up and running within 30 minutes (or less).  

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What are the Advantages?

Enhanced Security

Enjoy the peace of mind knowing your systems run on the latest hardware and operating systems, granting access to the most current security updates and development tools to support your evolving needs.

Cost Saving

Experience the benefits of a cloud-based infrastructure with no capital outlay required. Cloud computing also allows for significant savings on electricity and cooling costs, promoting environmental sustainability. Only pay for the system when you want it – power it off when you no longer need it.

Quick Set-up

Within minutes your system can be up and running, offering immediate functionality without the need for extensive set-up.

No Maintenance

Say goodbye to the burdensome maintenance of software and hardware. By migrating to the cloud, you’ll no longer be responsible for costly upkeep.

Free up Resources

By migrating to the cloud, the time saved will free up resources for innovation and growth.


With pay-as-you-go pricing models, you’ll only pay for the resources you consume, avoiding uneccessary expenses associated with purchasing disk space upfront.

Are you thinking of upgrading your existing IBM i infrastructure?

Talk to KFA to find out how easy it is to move to the Cloud with Skytap.

Practical uses of IBM i in the Cloud with Skytap

  • Run up a development or test environment for the duration of your project. 
  • Move your production system to the Cloud in one location and your backup system to another Cloud location, ensuring Geo-Resilience. 
  • Back up your Cloud system to off-site cloud storage providing you with off-site backups. 
  • Modernise your development using Visual Studio Code and Azure.   

Looking to Partner with KFA Connect?

By aligning with KFA Connect, our partners can utilise our team’s industry expertise and reputation for innovation and reliability, enhancing their own credibility and competitiveness in the marketplace.

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