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  • 13th October 2017

IT – The Right Direction, Straightpoint

IT The Right Direction Straightpoint - IT - The Right Direction, Straightpoint

IT – The Right Direction, Straightpoint

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KFA Connect’s researched report continues to consider how IT can deliver real value.

So, what do companies need to address for IT to deliver real value?

As part of our commissioned report, we have had the opportunity to interview a number of business directors – to find out more about the issues they are currently facing.

Our recent interview with Straightpoint Managing Director, David Ayling has helped us to explore what he feels needs to be addressed in order to align IT with business strategies and operations.

Straightpoint was the first company to provide the lifting industry with an electronic force measurement device, and have been trading since 1978. More recently they were the first company to offer their products as Bluetooth enabled using a smartphone app.


David shared his thoughts on how their IT has moved forward slower than their product development…

“I don’t think our IT has moved as quickly as we have developed products ID.”


Concerns about integration were also a topic of conversation…

“If there’s one issue that concerns me about IT, it’s that various software a company needs to deploy doesn’t join up well enough.”


Looking to the future he also believes that the way we communicate with customers will change…

“I could send a WhatsApp message to a customer, saw your team won on Saturday – did you go?”

“I would never do that in an email.”


Download the full interview with Straightpoint Managing Director, David Ayling here

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