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  • 6th March 2018

IT – The Right Direction, AuDeo

IT The Right Direction AuDeo Systems Ltd - IT - The Right Direction, AuDeo

IT – The Right Direction, AuDeo

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KFA Connect’s researched report continues to consider how IT can deliver real value.

So, what do companies need to address for IT to deliver real value?

As part of our commissioned report, we have had the opportunity to interview a number of business directors – to find out more about the issues they are currently facing.

Our recent interview with AuDeo Managing Director, Kevin Wilson has helped us to explore what he feels needs to be addressed in order to align IT with business strategies and operations.

AuDeo is a specialist in meeting room technology and have been designing, building, installing and supporting video conferencing and meeting room audio-visual equipment for over 20 years.


Kevin confesses that the own technology sold by his company has made him lazy.

“I often use video conferencing to talk to my technical director, who site at the other end of the building!”


He also mentioned how it can reduce the need for costly meeting rooms and can increase productivity.  Another benefit is that users can communicate ‘in person’ more often.

“You don’t  have to physically be with them to see them.”


Looking to the future he also identifies a clash in attitudes between generations in the workplace.

“The millennials  come up against the attitude of older people that you must get in to work at nine and stay until five. There is a battle between the generations, and it’s the kids who win.

“They will be there long after we have gone so we have to learn to live with that and deliver the lives they want so we can create a business they will want to stay with.”


Download the full interview with AuDeo Systems Managing Director, Kevin Wilson here

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