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  • 14th September 2017

IT – The Right Direction, Anglo American Oil Company

IT The Right Direction Anglo American Oil Company - IT - The Right Direction, Anglo American Oil Company

IT – The Right Direction, Anglo American Oil Company

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KFA Connect’s research report continues to consider  how IT can deliver real value.

So, what do companies need to address for IT to deliver real value?

As part of our commissioned report, we have had the opportunity to interview a number of business directors – to find out more about the issues they are currently facing.

In a recent interview with Anders Hildebrand, Founder and Managing Director of Anglo American Oil Company we have continued to explore what needs to be addressed in order to align IT with business strategies and operations.


One downside with IT, according to Anders is that everything happens so fast.

“People expect you to reply within minutes simply because they have sent you an email.”


Although many of their processes are still carried out manually, Anders agreed that IT still plays a crucial role in their day-to-day operations.

“IT has made the job of business  management much easier. Without IT, it would be much harder to manage cost control and work out margins. It means you should have full control of the business.”


For the future, Anders is focussed on customers expectations.

“One of Anglo American Oil Company’s goals is to ensure that IT will consistently enable the company to meet customer expectations of delivery times, which is typically ‘now’.”


Leading up to the publication of the full report, which will be published in DECISION magazine and then as a digital book; you can download the latest thought-provoking interview with Anglo American Oil Company here.

Download the full interview with Anders Hildebrand, MD of Anglo American Oil Company here

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