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  • 18th September 2017

The Power of PowerBi – Is Your Company Making the Most of Your Data?

Power BI Is your company making the most out of your data - The Power of PowerBi - Is Your Company Making the Most of Your Data?

The Power of PowerBi – Is Your Company Making the Most of Your Data?

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by Emily Elphick

Technical Specialist, KFA Connect


The amount of data being collected and used by companies is ever growing in today’s competitive business markets.

Data is almost as valuable as currency but a company’s data is only as good as the business information you can obtain from it. With a wide range of analytical tools available it is often difficult to find a service which fits your business needs.

A recent customer project has opened KFA’s eyes to the world of PowerBi, a business analytics service provided by Microsoft. It allows users to create dashboards and reports which link with your data. On these dashboards, data can be prepped, analysed and displayed as interactive visuals.

These visuals allow you to easily spot trends, gaps and other useful information by turning data points into easy to understand infographics such as Bar Chats, Pie Charts and Shape Maps.

PowerBi dashboards allow you to showcase your key performance data in one easy to access place.

PowerBi offers connections to many different business applications meaning that it can be easily connected to the large majority of businesses. The wide selection of visuals and customisable options on PowerBi allows you to create visuals which best suit your business and information needs.

The infographics are a simple yet extremely effective way to display your data in a way which can be easily understood by the majority of your stakeholders.

PowerBi Reports and dashboards can be created for a whole number of different scenarios from tracking and comparing employee sales data to displaying stock information. The PowerBi Application which can be downloaded onto your Tablet or Smartphone allows you to access your data anywhere at any time. Refresh schedules can be applied to your dashboards and reports to ensure the data you view is kept up to date and meaningful. PowerBi allows you to turn raw data into actionable information.

It provides meaningful insights into your data to encourage you to start questioning and analysing your business performance. As a tool, it can simplify and transform your data into manageable Key Performance Indicators.

Data analysis is vital for identifying trends, achieving growth and outlining business strategies. PowerBi is just one of the many tools available to help make better sense of your data.

Is your company making the most of your data?


To take a closer look at how KFA Connect helped Bike It do exactly that by reading the full case study here


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