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  • 23rd October 2015

Mitutoyo Emergency

Mitutoyo Emergency

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In September 2015 out of the blue, Mitutoyo received an email from their hosting provider, their host had entered insolvency and customers were advised that they needed to backup their sites and make alternative arrangements since servers were being switched off.

No small problem for any company in these internet connected times, but Mitutoyo operate a fully integrated Magento e-commerce site, together with several gigabytes of product images, datasheets and links to accounting systems and payment providers.

When Mitutoyo called KFA Connect, we realised immediately that we needed to move fast.  Initial enquiries showed that the server hosting the site could be switched off at any moment so a virtual server was brought online, and a holding page was created to guide visitors to call Mitutoyo directly.

At the same time a full download of data from the beleaguered site was taken and work began on returning the full site to the internet.

By the Tuesday morning Mitutoyo were once again receiving orders just three days after the issue was reported.

Graham Horne IT Manager at Mitutoyo was unequivocal ‘KFA really went above and beyond the call of duty.  They assured me that the site would be back online by Tuesday morning and they were as good as their word’.

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