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  • 11th September 2017

Your own little piece of the Web? Why web-hosting isn’t always what it seems.

Why Web Hosting isnt always what it seems - Your own little piece of the Web?  Why web-hosting isn’t always what it seems.

Your own little piece of the Web? Why web-hosting isn’t always what it seems.

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by Joe Vavasour

Network & Infrastructure Specialist, KFA Connect


First impressions count and in the world of e-commerce, that impression needs to be made fast; if your site takes too long to load visitors will simply switch to one that doesn’t.

Time is literally money!


Your web server could be seen as the equivalent of your bricks and mortar store, it is what enables your site to shine, to ensure that the hard work that you have put into the design, product selection, and pricing strategies to translate into sales success.

After all, on the internet, an alternative storefront is usually only an internet search away.

But all too often hosting is an afterthought, and a quick Google search reveals an enormous spectrum of pricing; why then wouldn’t you pick a budget hosting provider?

Everything has a price, and many web hosts take their physical hardware then try and squeeze the absolute maximum number of websites on it.  This means that your site will be sitting cheek by jowl with others, between 25 and 1000 of them, sharing what is a finite set of resources; fine if your site is a simple blog, but less than ideal if you have an e-commerce site and are trading at a busy period, slow sites equals lost customers.

Shared hosting will also host a large number of sites behind a single IP address; and because it isn’t possible to know what other sites on the same IP address as your site do, it is entirely possible that sites hosting objectionable or adult content will pigeonhole your website in the eyes of security software or web filters.

Dedicated servers or virtual private servers offer a potential solution to these issues by guaranteeing resource which will be available for your site and offering a level of control of the hosting environment which simply isn’t possible with a shared hosting platform.  Ideal for sites which have to be available quickly and securely.

KFA are able to use their extensive knowledge to help your website be the best that it can, and with our dedicated space in UK data centres, we can do so at a price point which might surprise you.

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