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  • 1st March 2023

What is IBM i Application Modernisation?

application modernisation - What is IBM i Application Modernisation?

What is IBM i Application Modernisation?

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What is IBM i Application Modernisation?

Application modernisation in general refers to the process of updating and transforming legacy applications to make them more modern, efficient, and user-friendly.

IBM i Application Modernisation

IBM i Application Modernisation refers to the process of updating and improving applications that run on the IBM i (formerly known as AS/400 or iSeries) platform to modernise the user experience, improve performance, and enhance functionality.

The modernisation of applications has been an important topic for many years. The IT industry moves quickly – but the applications that are developed to make use of that technology rarely, if ever, keep pace. Out-of-date applications can be inflexible, difficult to change and costly to maintain, but are often critical to business.

Updating the IBM i Application’s Architecture, User-interface & Functionality

IBM i is a popular platform for running business-critical applications, and many companies have been using it for decades. Often used by early adopters of technology, businesses that use IBM i have made large investments in their applications. Over time, these applications may become outdated and difficult to maintain, leading to reduced productivity, increased costs, and a lack of flexibility.

Application modernisation involves updating the application’s architecture, user interface, and functionality to better meet the changing needs of the business and users. This can include adopting modern programming languages and improving integration with other systems.

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Some common modernisation strategies include:

  • Web-enabling legacy applications to make them accessible via web browsers and mobile devices.
  • Refactoring code to optimise performance and improve maintainability.
  • Integrating IBM i applications with other systems and technologies
  • Re-architecting applications to adopt modern design patterns and principles.
  • Adopting the use of new development tools.

Through modernising IBM i applications, organisations can improve their agility, reduce costs, and better leverage their existing investments.

Modernised Applications

An application that has been modernised is more flexible, easier to enhance and responsive to business demands.

With mobile device support, staff no longer need to be at their desk to access applications or data – they can be wherever they need to be with access to the information and functions, whether that’s checking stock in the warehouse or placing orders when visiting a customer’s site.

Through modernisation it is easier to recruit younger staff interested in newer technologies and also to maintain the interest of existing users and developers.

Staff satisfaction is increased if the interfaces are modern, powerful and assist them in completing their work – and with more and more members of staff in the workforce accustomed to modern digital devices that means that the expectations of those staff are higher than ever before.

In our experience, regular, incremental change is the least disruptive way to modernise systems, it’s the most manageable way to undertake the task, it reduces risk, and should always be preferred if possible.

Finley Austin

KFA Connect – Marketing Assistant

2nd March 2023

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