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  • 14th March 2023

Meet the Team: Joe Vavasour

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Meet the Team: Joe Vavasour

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Joe Vavasour – IT Manager, KFA Connect

Starting Out…

Can take anything to pieces, can put most things back together again. 

I grew up during the golden age of computing when technology was anything but ubiquitous and many had not even seen a computer let alone owned one, but from the first time I saw one I was hooked.  It wasn’t just computers either, it was technology of any sort, and I didn’t just want to use it I wanted to understand how it worked. 

My early working life was spent in the photographic industry working in photographic equipment sales, computing was very much relegated to a lapsed interest.  However, I knew that I didn’t want to stay in retail long term and began exploring other potential career paths.   

The Beginning of a Career in IT!

After an unhappy year or so working in corporate insolvency for an accountancy firm, I found myself working as a management trainee in the automotive industry where one day frustrated on the reliance on paper datasheets, and individual knowledge I decided to develop a database driven application to enable the quick identification of components. 

I Interviewed for a small IT company which had been formed by two BT stalwarts and was thrilled to get the job, slightly less thrilled to be told that I was second choice!  However, whilst inexperienced and still very young, my enthusiasm for technology and its application flourished. 

I worked with technologies that are now universal, technologies such as Wireless Lan (WIFI) as part of one of perhaps three companies in the field, we were one of the first to put WIFI and long range point to point links into operating theatres, rally cars, offices, even whole villages; and our mobile computing offerings took me to places from warehouses, to airfields, supermarkets, even the JET fusion reactor. Because the company was small having multiple roles was essential and I became responsible for the computer systems and networks internally whilst selling and supporting our then leading WMS system for small business across the UK. 

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Starting at KFA

I became the father to a little boy who was critically ill almost from the point of his birth, he shocked everybody except his mum and I by pulling through and so as a family we looked at what was important to us and decided to relocate to the South of England to be close to family and so that my wife could pursue her career. 

It was at this point that I interviewed for an IT support role at a small company in rural Dorset, Kingfisher Associates (KFA Connect) really just to give myself something to do!  That role changed as KFA changed; I now provide technical sales, business analysis, software development, whilst still managing the infrastructure and computer systems of what has become a diverse team working in many fields. 

Work-Life Balance

I am passionate about music, reading, and film, still enjoy getting my hands dirty building things and taking them to pieces, and can fix pretty much anything, given time! I love living so close to the South Downs, the New Forest, and the coast, and can often be found watching the sunset with my family, some good food, and a glass of wine. 

And that early fascination with technology, software, and systems?  Still going strong! 

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