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  • 27th June 2018

IT – The Right Direction, Murrays Health & Beauty (Paul Murray Plc)

IT The Right Direction Murrays Health Beauty PLC - IT - The Right Direction,  Murrays Health & Beauty (Paul Murray Plc)

IT – The Right Direction, Murrays Health & Beauty (Paul Murray Plc)

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KFA Connect’s researched report continues to consider how IT can deliver real value.

So, what do companies need to address for IT to deliver real value?

As part of our commissioned report, we have had the opportunity to interview a number of business directors – to find out more about the issues they are currently facing.

Our recent interview with Murrays Health & Beauty (Paul Murray Plc) Chairman, Paul Murray (MBE) has helped us to explore his thoughts on aligning IT with business strategies and operations.

Paul is the Chairman of the eponymous company Paul Murray PLC, which is a supplier of health, beauty and nursery products to the retail trade in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Having built the business with his father he has now worked for the company for 52 years and became Chairman at the beginning of 2018.


Paul chuckled as he recalled an essay he wrote while studying business in the 60’s…

“My conclusion was that computers had a massive part to play but because of their size, would never become popular among small businesses”.


He has been happy to have been proved wrong…

“Effective IT is critical to flexible logistics  and supply chain management. With more than 5000 customers  and in excess of 4000 product lines,  the most important contribution of IT  is easier access to data and generation  of information”.


The company deploys a system which spends its nights manipulating and analysing data…

“and working out the answer to any question we might ask it the next day, such as how many of a particular product did we sell, where and to whom? We get that mission-critical information in nanoseconds”.


Download the full interview with Chairman, Paul Murray here


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