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  • 11th December 2018

New Recruitment Initiative for IT Students launched by KFA

KFA Connect Young Team 2018 - New Recruitment Initiative for IT Students launched by KFA

New Recruitment Initiative for IT Students launched by KFA

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This week sees the launch of a completely new recruitment process for KFA Connect.


Wanting to attract the right person for the right role is really important to us, so we asked some of the younger members of the KFA team a simple question relating to our recruitment process…

What would they do differently to successfully recruit IT students?

The general consensus from the group seemed to be that instead of formal interviews, they thought that a chance to spend time with the actual team we are recruiting for – to ensure that the role and the individual applicant are in fact, a good fit is far more important.

Their view is that there are many dimensions within the world of IT as with other industries, so to get an early idea what will suit a personality or attitude, even their tolerance levels, could make a difference to long-term happiness and success of an individual.

KFA are keen to make sure that any new recruits are happy in their role and that the time we invest in training them is well spent. We do not want to place someone in a position that will not fulfil their ideal role.

We are sure there are thousands of people who wish that they had known first, the reality of the day to day duties required in what they thought was  their  dream job!

The first vacancy we have in 2019 is for a Trainee Level 3 Support role and this is the first vacancy we will look to fill by trialling this new recruitment process.

If you have a high-level of skill in problem-solving and a self-learning approach which can lead to identifying and writing fixes then our current vacancy could be for you.

Interested in the Trainee Level 3 Support role vacancy? Contact Us

Recruitment e1544536452913 - New Recruitment Initiative for IT Students launched by KFA


This new recruitment initiative fits in really well with our recent scheme which offers students currently studying, the chance to come and ask our team questions and spend a few hours seeing what life in an IT company is really like!

You can read more about this opportunity here

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