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  • 9th October 2017

KFA Carry Out a Successful IBM Power 8 Upgrade, Version 5.4 – Version 7.3

KFA Carry Out a Successful IBM Power 8 Upgrade, Version 5.4 – Version 7.3

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The team did an amazing job this weekend!


Over the weekend we successfully completed an IBM Power 8 machine upgrade for one of our largest customers, upgrading their machine from an old iSeries running OS version 5.4, onto a newer 7.3 box.

Months of meticulous planning has gone into this project which paid off and it really was an amazing team effort all weekend.

Our customer will see the benefits of this upgrade straightaway as the new system is more efficient, costing less to both power and cool. As the new system is more energy efficient it is also better for the environment. The older the system, the greater the risk of outage and failure.

Upgrading also means fewer problems with hardware and software compatibility too.


In order to minimise any potential disruption to our client’s customers…

The machine upgrade was planned to take place at the quietest time of the day and day of the week – which resulted in a highly skilled selection of the KFA team being poised and ready for action (fuelled by crisps and sweets) all night on Saturday.

To keep the troops happy (and also awake!) we got some goodies in – the kitchen reminded us of Christmas!


This was a major undertaking for the team, and also a test of our customer’s faith in us and we are pleased to say we did not disappoint them as it was a seamless transition.


Great job team KFA!


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