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ScanB1 Barcode Scanning

ScanB1 delivers tangible and measurable benefits for picking, packing and despatching of customer orders both trade, and retail.

KFA have developed ScanB1, stock-picking functionality for SAP Business One designed around a simple order pick model.

The functionality uses barcoding to provide certainty when directing a user to a specific location, to a specific product, and for a correct pick quantity.

ScanB1 has been designed as a universal app and is, therefore, not bound to a certain brand of handheld scanner, in fact, it will run on Android or iOS devices and is suitable for Android-based warehousing terminals.

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Advantages to streamlining your warehouse pick & pack functions with ScanB1

Increase Warehouse Capacity

ScanB1 provides a more efficient way of working to improve productivity and eliminates re-entry of data between systems by integrating with SAP.

Improve Compliance

Improve compliance and meet crucial service levels for online marketplace terms and conditions including Amazon, eBay, Shopify & Magento.

Increase Pick Accuracy

Achieve complete pick accuracy and reduce customer returns. Fewer returns will improve your customer ratings.

Improve Reporting

Collect performance data and warehousing KPI’s (i.e users with best pick rate/level of accuracy) helping you to manage performance with full visibility.

Increase Efficiency

Reduce manual processes and the need for excessive checking using barcode/autoID. Removes the need for paperwork as the terminal or scanner becomes the pick note. The system also inputs all weights & measures at the point of work.

ScanB1 700 x 500 transparent 300x214 - ScanB1 Barcode ScanningAn easy-to-use universal application which uses barcoding to ensure certainty when directing a user to a specific location, specific product and for a correct pick quantity.

The solution is compatible with Code128, EAN/UPC/GTIN/GS1 as well as user-generated label types, such as Code 39 and 2D barcoding types.

ScanB1 Dashboard - ScanB1 Barcode Scanning

Wave Picking Function

With ScanB1 you can introduce wave picking, this allows multiple orders to be batched into a wave and a single user to retrieve the stock from the warehouse(s) and using the most efficient route.

Users can be assigned a picking bench and wave functionality would enable waves to be more than just random orders, for example:

Orders of a certain type (i.e. Sales Channel).

Orders for a specific product.

Orders for a specific customer.

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