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KFA Connect’s Paddle to the Pub ‘Canoeing Capers’!

The KFA Connect team embarked on a totally different challenge on Friday night…. ‘Paddle to the Pub’!

I know, sounds awful right!?

Just another example of why this is an amazing place to work. Great fun and a lovely way to spend a Friday evening with some of the KFA gang.

We enlisted the help from three friendly New Forest Activities instructors who explained how to go forwards and backwards – which we seemed to master (well, sort of) in record time.

We paddled along the river to the Beaulieu village for drinks and a bite to eat, then paddled back again.


Canine Canoeing!

Even Charlie, one of the KFA dogs took part…and seemed to really enjoy it!

Three Men in a Boat!


Girl Power!


Post Pub and ready for action again!


More Girl Power!

You can watch the very funny KFA “Three Men in a Boat”

KFA Presents – Three men in a boat! Stu is now famous for his sandwich eating whilst canoeing multi-tasking ability, most impressive!

Good fun was had by all and some (mention no names) ended up wetter than others at the end – I can’t think why?

Roll on the KFA Summer BBQ next month – we hope the weather is as kind to us for that, as it was on Friday!


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